Terms and Conditions for Use of Electronics

By Mad Hatter

  1. ALL accounts regardless of how frequent or infrequent you use them must use your powerpoole email.
  2. ALL usernames and passwords submitted. (including but not limited to)
  • iTunes
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Kik
  • Vine
  • Spotify
  1. Set your phone to use your iCloud to back up your phone.
  1. You phone will be taken and/or suspended if:
  • You change your email address or create a second account with a different email.
  • You change your username or password without submitting the new ones.
  • I try to log in to any account and the username or password given does not work.
  • ANY cursing in your conversations or posts or posts inconsistent with our Christian values
    • including cursing abbreviations like (lls, lmao, stfu, etc)
    • up your vocabulary game to avoid this type of language.
  • Any worldly or secular music purchased or in your music library.
  • If I change something or delete something and you change it back or repost it.
  • Any zeros for class work or homework.
  • Any grade below B.
  • Any demerits or school rule violations that result in school disciplinary action.
  • Any disciplinary calls or emails from ANY faculty or staff.
  • Any apps or attempts to bypass restrictions or parental settings.
  • You do not turn in your phone as directed by your grade requirements.
  • Any representation of dating or inappropriate pictures or conversations.
    • including web history (porn, worldly music videos, etc.)
  • Any disrespect to Me your Mother, Dean or Teachers.
  • Your mother or I perceive that they are a distraction or you do not quickly comply with our requests.
  1. As a friendly reminder:
  • We have purchased and provided these phones are for OUR convenience not yours
  1. You DO NOT own them YOU EARN the use of them by
  • your integrity
  • your openness about your use
  • your actions
  • your choices
  • your academic performance

Having these phones are a privilege not a right.


  • There will be no future warning given.
  • I will not ask for explanations about infractions or violations.
  • There will be no questions asked or excuses excepted.
  • I will not beg you to comply or ask for your information again.
  • If you forget to comply I will forget to turn your phone on.

If there are ANYMORE problems of this nature you will be required to return your phones and delete ALL of your social media accounts.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions feel free to place your phone back in it’s box and we will pick it up upon our next arrival.




Your mean ole Dad you who in reality just loves you dearly and is feebly attempting to protect you from yourself and teach you some responsibility as young adults.


I really want you guys to have them, this is why I have went through great pains to make sure you have up to date phones and phone protection but you WILL use them on my terms or you will not use them at all.


Some suggested approved and constructive uses and apps.

  • Learning about the Constellations
  • Learning a new language
  • Udemy Classes
  • Learning to play different instruments.
  • Improving your memory
  • Learning to program
  • Study aides
  • Christian Reading
  • Motivational Books
  • Journaling and Book Writing.
  • Song creation.

Your phones are mini computers don’t waste their use and your time with just chatting and taking pictures. It like having a car and never driving it but just using it as an umbrella to get out of the rain.

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