Safety Nets

By Mad Hatter


So my kids have been in an uproar since I told them I needed the log in information to all their social media accounts. They said I don’t trust them. Hmmm, I told them that this was not about me trusting them but it is about them re-learning to trust me.

Besides that – if you are not doing anything wrong why are you REALLY mad?

I shared with them that in many ways life is like walking a tight rope. And that they should think of their parents as a safety net. Some people walk the tight rope of life with no safety net. Maybe their safety nets got separated or divorced. Maybe one or both of their safety nets died. Maybe their safety nets really just don’t care what they do or know how to deal with it.

OR maybe they’re just one of those 99% of “real smart people” who have been living for less than two decades who think they don’t need a safety net. This is one 99% you don’t want to be a part of. Ask me how I know.

Young people don’t become a statistic looking up at the tight rope wishing you would have used your God given safety nets because on the tightrope of life this is one of those things that… it is better to have one and not need it than to need one and and not have it.


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