By Charhayah

Stand is an original  poem written by Charhayah for the Allegheny East Conference Campmeeting Youth Talent Showcase.  She composed it 10 minutes before her turn to present and won the 1st place iPad Mini.

c31Standing here by myself because no one’s beside me.

My life is in shambles it’s not how it should be.

Ten Commandments are broken by lies that are spoken.

Killing, Adultery and other sins that are chosen.

Jesus is coming his returning is soon.

No one knows when if not the time of full moon.

Church is on Sunday, they don’t believe in the Sabbath.

Superman is God now which I think is ratchet.

With the things that are happening it’s easy to fall.

But Jesus does come to all those who call.

The sky is the limit for you who want to achieve.

But success only comes to those who believe.

Just remember your future is not what they make it.

It’s not to accept but for you to create it.

So don’t give in because your life is at stake,

Or the people on the sideline throwing judgment and hate.

Just stand

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